ORCA is the ultimate food waste solution, working in your facility to “digest” all the food waste produced into environmentally safe water which can be reused or directly disposed into the drainage system. With no garbage bins to dispose of, ORCA reduces the need for hauling and disposal costs.


The sustainable technology is housed in a stainless-steel container, with a door on top which employees can open to place food waste inside. Within the container, the ORCA’s proprietary natural microorganism solution works with water and recycled plastic Bio Chips to quickly break down the waste. Through a process called “aerobic digestion,” the ORCA technology constantly churns all this material, adding oxygen that accelerates the time it takes to transform the food waste disposal into the earth-friendly water.


ORCA’s onboard scale and machine-to-machine communication provide accurate real-time data on daily, monthly, quarterly, annually site-specific reporting that details your environmental impact.

  • Can process: 50 kg per hour

  • 2.92m L x 0.89m D x 1.25m H

  • Electricity: 1.2 kW

  •  Water: Max 1000 Liters per day

OG 100

  • Can process: 25 kg per hour

  • 1.74m L x 0.89m D x 1.25m H

  • Electricity: 0.7 kW

  •  Water: Max 600 Liters per day

OG 50

OG 15

  • Can process: 7 kg per hour

  • 0.81m L x 0.58m D x 1.09m H

  • Electricity: 0.43 kW

  • Water: Max 160 liters per day

Food waste can be added regularly to achieve maximum digestion capacity. Each model aerobically processes food waste, utilizing ORCA Bio Chips to hold high levels of Microorganisms that digest organic waste. ORCA can digest up to 1 ton of food waste per day.

OG 25

  • Can process:15 kg per hour

  • 1.27m L x 0.89m D x 1.25m H

  • Electricity: 0.7 kW

  •  Water: Max 300 Liters per day

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We are in a period where the term “The New World” is mirrored by the way communities are constructed in all innovative ways. Here at SOZO, we take systematic approaches to perpetuate this new world. We emphasize in resource efficiency, material selection, and carbon emissions. Our interdisciplinary team have worked on numerous projects and are highly experienced in identifying cost effective strategies to achieve sustainable projects. SOZO is also knowledgeable in advanced building simulation tools for the design and compliance process. In addition, we provide constant aid to ensure projects are handed over fully functional at optimal conditions, with all the necessary paperwork in place. Since the next generation’s education lies in our hands, SOZO organizes training and workshops for a healthier enhanced community. There is always room for new minds, creations, skills, strategies, and perspectives; for without such an education, there is no room for improvement.

Building Simulation & Analysis

  • Building Energy Modeling

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Sustainability Consultancy

  • Green Building Certification such as Estidama, LEED & Al Safat

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  • Waste Minimization & Recycling

  • Marketing Strategies & Awareness Campaigns 

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SOZO Consultants provides clients with the opportunity to improve the current state of their business and reach their full potential. We aid in redesigning organizations that enhance short-term performance by reducing costs and driving growth. We also help shape talent according to needs, and manage mergers with maximum deals. We help facilitate these changes as well as recommend them when we see needed.



Our greatest priority is having our clients’ goals become a reality. We ensure the projects are successfully completed and operated in a safe environment while complying with our clients’ target. From client presentations to managing projects and developing capability, we are involved from start to finish of the project and are determined to succeed. Excellent project management is a service we take pride in at SOZO.